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In recent Surveys when asked about their experience with Dr John Hayes Jr. Office, patients said…

“Wonderful. It’s been a great experience. A sense of well being, knowing that all of my aches and pains will be taken care of. The atmosphere is marvelous. It is calming, positive and friendly- it’s much more than a doctor’s office.”-Dorothy Koski Scituate, MA

“I’ve been coming here for 20 years- that should say it all!”-Kathy Saggese Norwell, MA

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“I am very pleased with the progress I am making. I believe the care I am receiving isthorough. The office is relaxing. The staff is friendly, helpful and accommodating.”-Claire JoyceCanton, MA

“Trustworthy. I had a great experience with the clinic. The staff is very friendly and nice. Dr. Hayes has been very helpful in helping me to correct my back and helping to get myfull range of motion back.”-Jenna Tran Rockland, MA

“I feel it has helped a lot with my pain. I was treated very well. Everybody here treated me with respect.”-Brittney Januszewski North Smithfield, MA

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“I feel that if I had not come in when I did, I may have suffered a serious back injury. I’m looser and stronger now.”-William Hallett Hanover, MA

“Excellent! Dr. Hayes does wonderful work. He’s knowledgeable in not just chiropractic… if I could make him my primary care doctor I would!”-Diana PerryRockland, MA

“Very good, Very friendly, relaxing and helpful. My experience has been excellent.”-Connie MarinelliKingston, MA

“Good- got results. This place has a lot to offer. The office is very friendly and relaxing.”

-Ricky Henry Whitman, MA

“I have had very good results. My hands had bad arthritis, they have improved. I waswalking with a roll-walker or a cane. I no longer use them. I walk 1-2 miles a day. I will be 89 years old December 7th, 2009. My life has greatly improved.”-Ms. Clemence Locke Hanson, MA

“I felt that I was treated with respect and experience in all aspects. The staff was veryfriendly and knowledgeable.”-Linda PeronaNorwell, MA

“I feel it helped me get through my back strain. The staff was very friendly and professional.”-Peter DwyerRockland, MA

“Good! In a month my range of motion has been improving and pain is less!”-Jessica Rumpf Weymouth, MA

“I feel 95% better then when I got here about 5 weeks ago. Doc Hayes did a wonderfuljob on my back.”-Franklyn Daway Brockton, MA
“Office is wonderful, no waiting. Staff gets 5 Stars!”-Linda O’NeilBryantville, MA

“Staff was great. With the overall office experience… I am pleased.”-Bob ZemeitusMiddleboro, MA

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“I am very happy with my health presently. There was a point where I couldn’t tolerate the pain… now it’s well maintained. The atmosphere in the office is very relaxing. It’s my one hour to myself! The staff is a “10.” Thank you girls!”-Colleen Prescott Norwell, MA

“It has been excellent here. All aspects; from customer service to the care. I feel verycomfortable in the office and everyone is extremely pleasant. The staff is outstanding,very polite and genuinely caring.”-Mark MacNeill Hanover, MA

“I have had a very positive experience. The staff is friendly and very professional.They’re people I would call my friends.”-Patricia WrightHanover, MA

“I am happy with my care and feel so much better when I leave…”-Michelle Tobin Quincy, MA

“I’m very satisfied; the staff is kind and courteous.”- Bruce Gilcoine

“Very good as always. The staff is the most professional and efficient.”-Joseph McGlone Hanover, MA
“I’m making progress; the office is run by friendly, professional and organized people who know exactly what they are doing. I know that I am in capable hands. The staff is the best of any practice I’ve ever been a patient of- superior.”-Michelle Desaulniers
“Very happy- would definitely recommend!”-Kathy Roberts

“The staff is very caring and knowledgeable in the condition of the patient.”-John DudleyLakeville, MA

“I would trust only Dr. Hayes with my back problems!”-Chuck WilburAbington, MA

“Very pleasant, professional and inviting atmosphere and staff.”-Ann Marcelonis Abington, MA

“I feel that the atmosphere was great and the women at the frond desk were always kindand knew just what they were doing, great outgoing staff and my back has gotten muchbetter!”-Thomas Alberti Marshfield, MA

“The staff is a perfect 10 and everyone always listened to my concerns, was very caringand helpful. I was very impressed with them and Dr. Hayes is an amazing doctor. I feel wonderful and have enjoyed coming to the doctors!”-Nicole Fernandes, Plymouth, MA

“I have had a very positive experience here, it helps give me the strength and attitude todo the things I have to do in life, I always enjoy coming to the office! The atmosphereis pleasant and the staff is top notch, caring and honestly is the best overall medicalexperience I’ve ever had!”-Paul Goguen, Rockland, MA

“My experience at Dr. Hayes office has been very good, the entire time, the staff, theatmosphere, everything has been excellent!”-Barbara Gorich, Norwell, MA

“The staff is excellent; from the minute I walk in the door they are enjoyable! A 10+ forthe whole experience!”-Peggy Burns, Quincy, MA

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“My needs are always met. Dr. Hayes is knowledgeable, pleasant and a very caringperson, his staff is upbeat, pleasant and checks on me frequently to be sure everything is going well!”-Judith Brennick, Weymouth, MA

“I am very happy with my treatment and experience at the office! I always feel good about going and am very comfortable with the treatment and staff!”-Vanessa Orellana, Abington, MA

“I always get relief after an adjustment by Dr. Hayes, he and his staff are always pleasantand professional, they are #1!”-AnneMarie Delacono, Hanson, MA

“It has been a great experience, my back feels totally different! The staff is very friendly,pleasant office setting, I told a friend about this office!”-Lynn Sorrell, Monponsett, MA

“I feel very good since beginning treatment! The whole experience has been verypositive!”-Todd Livolsi, Woburn, MA

“I feel like someone is FINALLY trying to get an answer to the reason for my pain andthe treatments, staff and Dr. Hayes are great!”-Maureen Sorenti, Sagamore Beach, MA

“I feel very confident of the quality of chiropractic care I received, I was not too sureabout going to a chiropractor before but I am now! Everyone is always pleasant and anyquestions or concerns were always answered!”-Lynn Webb, Rockland, MA

“The whole experience was great, I was very happy with the experience, Julie and Deb are the best!”-Jill Papkee, Hanover, MA

“Everything has been wonderful. Overall, the staff is pleasant and knowledgeable. Things are run efficiently and everyone is very accommodating! A+!!!!!”-MaryEllen Stoddard, Norwell, MA

“I feel as though Dr. Hayes really worked with me to address my issues, the office staffis very professional, definitely A+”-James Hubbard, Marshfield, MA

“I feel quite a bit better-I have been in pain for a year and this is the only thing that hashelped me. I knew it would help! The whole experience is 110%!”-Gayle Mulrooney, Hingham, MA

“My heath sucks but they have been great and everytime I walk out of the office I’m a
better person because of your help. The staff is way TOO nice and honestly there isn’t a ladder high enough to rate everyone! Great! Great!”-Sean Griffin, Hanover, MA

“I feel as though you are helping me get better and everyone is so friendly and really goout of their way to make you feel comfortable! Best staff, best office!”-Mark Lombardi, Hanover, MA

“My health experience has been excellent, they always inquired about my progress andwere specific to my problem areas, the office itself was comfortable. Julie is very helpfuland friendly-I appreciate her concern and the assistants are always helpful!”-Debbie Griffin, Hanson, MA

“I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my pain levels and feel excellent! The officeis friendly and inviting and the staff is very attentive and professional!”-Mike Emmons, Plymouth, MA

Massage Therapy By The Finest Clinical Professionals Compliments Our Care...

“I am amazed by the progress that I have made with the guidance and treatment of Dr. Hayes. The office is very comfortable and the staff is friendly, knowledgable and comfortable!”-Jennifer Galvin, Hanson, MA

“I have definitely been feeling better since coming here and feel that I am being heardand my needs are finally being met. The atmosphere is wonderful and relaxing, the staffis exceptional, always friendly and professional!”-Stacie Whiting, Rockland, MA

“My experience was very good, I felt it really helped in my recovery and everything was excellent!”-Joseph O’Brien, Hanover, MA

“Our health experience was excellent. Dr. Hayes did a great job educating us about scoliosis and I feel my daughter had the best treatment possible. The office was excellent,the staff is friendly and really took the time to help with my situation.”-Jodi Carpentier, Mashpee, MA

“I found that the office was very courteous, very professional and genuinely concernedfor my health, great comfortable atmosphere with a high rating for everyone!”-Mark Edgar, Stoughton, MA

“I feel great about my healthy experience, everyone was very accomdating and therewas continous improvement in my condition. Everyone in the office is very helpful andfriendly, I amvery comfortable with them!”-Jennifer Galvin ,Hanson, MA

“Everyone was very helpful. My pain is almost completely gone in such a short amountof time. I feel and sleep so much better. The atmosphere is so comfortable. After about aweek it begins to feel like a second home. I love the staff. Everyone has been so kind andhelpful. They all work together so well and really seem to enjoy what they do.”-Carrie-Ann Fisher, Rockland, MA


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“My entire experience has been extremely positive; the atmosphere is excellent, as is the staff!”-Another satisfied neuropathy patient

“My experience was very positive and I look forward to my visits and always leavefeeling great. I feel that Dr. Hayes’ philosophy is to make me free of pain and it isworking! The staff is welcoming, positive, total top notch!”-Paul Goguen, Rockland, MA

Dr. Hayes instructs clinicians around the country in the revolutionary approach to "Beating Neuropathy"

“My feet feel wonderful, much much better! It’s much easier to fall asleep at nightwithout pain. The staff is great, good with accommodating my different appointments,couldn’t be friendlier!”-Eddie Phelan, Quincy, MA

“I feel much better since beginning treatment with Dr. Hayes. The staff is excellent,definitely a 10!”-Another satisfied neuropathy patient

“The neuropathy program has improved my mobility as well as my stamina before my foot pain began. The whole experience was great and everyone there really knows what and how painful neuropathy really is.”-G. Marconi, Plymouth, MA

“My health experience was unbelievable! They did a great job and I am going to spread the word. The staff gets an A+; the girls are very friendly and caring, totally adds to the experience.”-R. Randall, Whitman, MA

“The goal of eliminating the pain in my feet was met after 2 ½ weeks of treatment, the pain is GONE! The office was great and staff gets an A+ without a doubt!”-K. Held, Marshfield, MA

“The whole experience was very positive and helpful. The office was clean, peaceful,quiet and very relaxing. I feel much better and the staff is very professional, helpful andfriendly!”-K. Wormeld, Halifax, MA
“The treatment was very good, I feel wonderful! The office staff was wonderful and I
could not ask for better help.”

-B. Hagerman, Ashland, MA

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